Corporate meets Startup

We identify relevant startups for companies and facilitate collaboration.

Overview of Our Services for Companies

Companies in Germany who collaborate with startups are better prepared for digital transformation. This was a key finding of a recent study carried out by etventure in partnership with market research institute GfK in Nuremberg. Within our “Corporate meets Startup” program we provide a structured approach for businesses to analyse tech innovation to optimize or diversify their services and compete internationally.

Overview of Our Services for Companies
  • Identifying and accessing new ideas and technologies
  • Conveying and developing the relevant know-how
  • The result forms a basis for the decisions you will need to make in the course of your company’s continued innovation process
  • Opportunity for continued networking between startups and corporates – see information about the startup pilot program

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The Startup screening approach – relevant Data and Insights in 14 Weeks

We screen startups with a combination of in-house research and direct approaches to our excellent network of startups across Europe, Israel and the US. We “scan” and analyse relevant startups with the following process:

Diskussion + Verständnis

Discussion + Understanding


Kick-off workshop

Understanding business challenges, opportunities and pain points

Defining goals and technology focus areas

Assess new product segments

Recherche + Analyse

Research + Analysis


Comprehensive market screening

Analysis of over 5,000 startups

Drawing up a “longlist”

Use of relevant screening methods

Struktur + Filterung

Structure + Filtering


Structuring the results

Create a shortlist and selected “deep dives”

Contact relevant startups

Evaluate and communicate findings in final report

Report + Empfehlung

Report + Recommendation


Presentation of the final report with recommendations

Workshop + meet the startups

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The startup pilot program: Collaborate with startups

Do you want to establish a specific connection between startups and corporates without the initial screening? Take advantage of our startup pilot program to develop a structured approach to working with innovative startups to support your company’s strategy!

  • Matchmaking exclusive startups and companies
  • Startup collaboration (6-month pilot program)

Test Launch

  • Define criteria and scope
  • Startup selection
  • Create a tailored program

Pilot Program

  • Program includes regular interaction, cooperation & training between startups and senior management
  • The startups and the corporate receive ongoing coaching from etventure Startup Hub
  • etventure Startup Hub supports pilot integration into the company’s core business

The pilot program aims to generate new business for both parties. Opportunities for collaboration with startups may include the following:

Joint Venture

Joint Venture

Formation of a new digital business

Startup Service

Startup Service

Using an innovative service provided by a startup



Acquiring a startup and adding it to your company’s own digital portfolio

Licensing Deal

Licensing Deal

Making use of a startup’s innovative technology

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We bring the spirit of startups into the corporate world

Wir verknüpfen Startup-Feeling mit Konzernwelt
  • Team with extensive startup expertise from accelerators, corporate innovation, M&A, tech startup founders and corporate partnerships
  • A global network of contacts in all leading startup hubs
  • Many years of industrial and business expertise
  • Strong track record of working with corporates on digital transformation

More information about our startup experts

Referenzen & Trackrecords

Folgende Unternehmen vertrauen bereits auf unsere Startup-Expertise und unser unternehmerisches Know-How:


Laura Kohler

“Corporate meets Startup” is part of the portfolio of services offered by etventure Startup Hub. In addition to linking together companies and startups, the work of etventure Startup Hub involves coordinating IoT projects within the scope of an EU funding program, and promoting startups throughout Europe.

Laura Kohler
Managing Director of etventure Startup Hub